Dating someone herpes tips


Since, you have decided to , you must also know that there are only 3% of people who do not get the infection even after being in a relationship with a partner who has herpes.

Therefore, be prepared to get the virus sooner or later.

Herpes affects approximately one in five Americans. It's also not as awful as many people think it will be. You'll still be able to date, fall in love, and have sex. It isn't a curse, a judgement, or the end of the world.

The first thing you need to do after you've received a genital herpes diagnosis is sit down and take a breath. Do some research and learn all you can about the disease.

Suppressive medication such as Valtrex and Acyclovir can reduce the chances of transmission to a great extent.

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That can make it very hard to talk about herpes when dating someone new.may sound like a social stigma, however, it is very important to understand that genital HSV is a common condition and about 20% of the U. Most people do not even realize they have herpes before the break out of the blisters. There can be two circumstances under which you may come to know about the partner’s infection. As per the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ one out of six people in the US in the age group of 14 to 49 years are diagnosed of genital herpes, caused by the HSV-2 infection.Genital herpes is a frightening diagnosis for many people.Society often puts out the message that people with herpes are dirty or somehow flawed.However, that does not mean that you can ignore your infection.

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