Wabcamp chat room

Is there a way for 1 person to share audio and video with the entire chat room at once? If one person (let's call this person The Presenter) wants to address the entire group of chat members, then all parties in the chat room should click on The Presenter's webcam icon.

While all participants would be able to see and hear The Presenter simultaneously, everyone would need to type their responses back to the Presenter, because at most The Presenter could only see and hear one other person (because The Presenter too can only monitor one feed at a time like any other chat participant).

See the "Privacy" option under the "Tools" menu in the Buddy List.

In general, to maintain the aspect ratio, you should begin with a square icon.

Echo can be avoiding by utilizing a headset or headphones, or by using a microphone or speakerphone with echo canceling technology.

Manage Accounts) to add the account of the appropriate messaging service.

Use the checkbox in the account editor to enable the current account.

For Google Talk, fill in the Domain field with the domain of your Google Mail e-mail address.

You can only watch 1 member's webcam feed at a time.

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