Julia volkova and lena katina dating long dating

Lena Katina: We’re excited to show everyone what Ta Tu is all about and this music video does a great job of expressing Ta Tu’s feelings.

Julia Volkova: I agree, we’re very satisfied with the outcome of this video and the way it delivers the message we were seeking to promote. So, Lena what exactly would you say is the message that you want to deliver to your viewers?

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How many people know about the statement we’re trying to make as opposed to the status of our dating lives?

It’s been a pleasure having you two here today and I hope you can visit us again at Star Gazing Channel.

Russian singer best known as a member of the girl group t. T.u., who became well-known for their single All the Things She Said. She began dating Pavel Sidorov and their daughter, Viktoria Pavlovna Volkova, was born in September 2004.

Reporter: If you both would put yourselves in a teenager’s shoes, can you imagine how he or she would feel upon seeing this video?

Do you think most of them would have a negative or positive reaction to this video?

Lena Katina: I believe that while we try to be unique with our ideas, if it meant that such ideas where going to undermine our efforts to promote our goals then we wouldn’t have proceeded with them.

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