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So whether you need ideas for the next date night, you’re wondering how to better understand your man’s romantic tastes, or simply want to better understand the not-quite-as-fair sex, this one’s for you.Guys love planning dates, but what makes a date romantic is the time and intention put into it.I’ve written about how much I enjoy it when a woman talks sports with me, and I’m not alone. Your romantic ideal might be a candlelit dinner, but chances are the man in your life dreams of something more action packed.

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Anybody who’s been in a good, healthy romantic relationship has likely had a sense that he or she was cared for, thought about, and loved during the day.I found it romantic to bond over an activity, and I felt more connected after that.”Of course, sports don’t always have to be involved. ” He went on to say that there was just something about having to trust her through the process that added to the experience. Thoughtfulness and creativity make a difference too.For Pablo, his most recent birthday was particularly romantic thanks to an added surprise element: “My wife literally blindfolded me and drove me around to various locations for our date,” he said. “Something inexpensive, yet out of the ordinary/creative, like a stadium tour, or a sports car test drive” makes for a romantic date, Enzo said, adding that it has everything to do with a perceived “intentionality” and attention to what he likes. And if not mysterious, then at least curious, right?It’s fascinating to me how seemingly normal, everyday connections I make with a woman draws me toward her.If you want to make your guy weak in the knees pay attention to the little details.

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