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Bend your left knee 90 degrees and let it drop to your left side so the bottom of your left foot points to your right.

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Extend your hips and both legs as you pull the arm against your hips to gently hyperextend his elbow and make him tap out.

TRIANGLE CHOKE FROM GUARDFrom closed guard, shove your opponent’s left arm between your legs and outside your guard. Keeping control of his right arm, raise your left leg and hook the back of your left knee over your right ankle.

Pull your opponent’s head down and squeeze your legs.

If he realizes they're not, maybe his upcoming dialog could be of some use. EDT Kutcher responded to this feedback on Twitter Friday night, confirming that he planned to host the discussion in question on his Facebook page Monday.

The good news is, it sounds like he's taking the criticism seriously.

WARMUP: 15 minutes Calisthenics include jogging, jumping jacks, bear crawls, pushups, and crunches.

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