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I had sex before marriage and I broke a lot of hearts. Sometimes it was during seasons of ministry,” Jennings admits.

“I led some girls on, and there were text messages of sex and sin.” Six women have come forward thus far to state that Jennings had manipulated them into sexual behavior, the majority of which are in notable professions.

’ and told me ‘you meant nothing to me,'” she recalled.

The woman said she later found out that during this time, he had been engaged to the woman who is now his wife.

The admission occurred as a number of women have recently come forward citing that both promises of marriage and spiritual abuse played a role in them being lured into sexual sin.

Clayton Jennings, who had been in the midst of promoting Tim Tebow’s new book “Shaken,” released a spoken word confession online on Nov.

attempting to convince me that it was okay because it was for ‘our eyes only and we were meant to be together,’” the woman said.

After meeting each other in person, Jennings took her house shopping, stating that they would soon be wed.

The woman, a musician, said that she met Jennings in 2014 when he served as the producer for a televised competition.

He asked for her phone number to send her the information.

But not only did he do so, she said, he continued texting her and showing interest in her.

“He assured me he made love to me as his future wife, and would never use a girl because he couldn’t do that to Jesus as he would have to answer for it,” she said, but added, “Clayton was very adamant about the Plan B pill and explained that his entire ministry would be ruined if I were to get pregnant.” Days later, the woman said, Jennings didn’t want to have anything to do with her, and claimed that he had just been informed by his doctor that he was going to die and so he needed to “focus all of his energy on Jesus …

with the short time he has left.” He also allegedly told her that he didn’t want anyone to know that the two knew each other, and so they broke off all contact for a time, until the woman confronted him about the shame and pain she was feeling.

13, which as of press time has obtained over 190,000 views.

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