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However, the differences detected in the replication proteins were not significant.On the other hand, the single strand binding protein (SSB), DNA-binding protein (Hup B), and the DNA Pol III γ and τ subunits were moderately more DA in the Dpr A mutant.

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The resulting peptide products were subsequently analysed by using high resolution mass spectrometry (MS).

This upregulation was not significant, yet detectable (Table mutant and the wild type Nm.

A total of 100 DA protein sequences retrieved from Uni Prot KB were used as query dataset input and uploaded to Blast KOALA (KEGG Orthology and Links Annotation).

This criterion yielded a total of 1028 protein group eligible for quantitative analysis.

Using a combination of null mutant relative to the wildtype Nm.

Although not significantly regulated, the pilus assembly protein Pil F, Pil O, and the twitching motility protein (Pil U, NMB0051) were found to be less abundant in the Nm Dpr A mutant, whereas Pil E, Pil Q, and the putative fimbrial biogenesis and twitching motility protein NMB1309 were slightly more abundant (Table The majority of proteins involved in cell division, carbohydrate- and energy-metabolism (e.g, the oxidoreductases), and amino acid metabolism were significantly regulated.

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