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The soprano, born on Beale Street on , had two careers that spanned both the early and latter parts of the 20th Century. Handy’s classics at his request and replaced Bessie Smith in the Broadway production of How Come? She also starred as Queenie in the London production of Showboat.The blueswoman hopped a boxcar to Chicago at 14 (Google search of 22 Sep 03 says she was 12) and charmed the music denizens there. She retired in the early 1950s to care for her mother, but in 1977 she returned to the stage at age 82 after the owner of a New York nightspot heard her singing at a party.

To inform and enrich people, while helping them connect with one another, we host forums, activities, and events. celebrity gave which answer to offbeat questions, such as “What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done in pursuit of a crush?Another prominent figure in the flourishing Harlem Renaissance, Johnson grew up in Atlanta, the daughter of an African and Native American mother and an African-American and English father.In addition to writing poems and plays, she was an anti-lynching activist and hosted weekly Salons with other friends associated with the Harlem Renaissance, like Lanston Hughes and Angelina Weld Grimke. Du Bois.” The legendary “Mother of the Blues” was one of the first blues singers to record.Meanwhile, Laverne Cox and Janet Mock have become the most visible transgender women in media.So, in honor of Black History Month, below you’ll find over 100 lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer and transgender women you should know about.Of that play, The NAACP said, “This is the first attempt to use the stage for race propaganda in order to enlighten the American people relating to the lamentable condition of ten millions of Colored citizens in this free republic.” At 16, she wrote a letter to her female friend Mamie Burrile in which she declared, “I know you are too young now to become my wife, but I hope, darling, that in a few years you will come to me and be my love, my wife!

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