Dating for firefighters

Trades are the ability for us to get off of work by having another qualified firefighter come in and work for us.The department doesn’t care who is on the truck as long as the required number of personnel are.Experienced women should already know this tactic but you guys seem to have an odd mental blank spot when it comes to us.The thrill of having your man in blue overrides your normal skill set and you become anxious.This happens because the chronically lazy firefighter does this in real life.When he discovers upon arriving at work that we are going to be stripping and waxing the apparatus floor for the day, will slip out call his wife or girlfriend and ask them to stop by the station.3)If you continue to date you need to once again educate yourself on his work place.

Too much time on the phone could even lead your guy into some office time with his officer, so let him set the pace on this.

Don’t get your nose out of joint about it and don’t give him grief about it later either.

Firefighting is a tough game and showing weakness around anyone over the age of six places doubt in the minds of others. You have no idea of what his crew is doing that day and if you show up when some particularly mundane work assignment is going on like mowing the lawn, or stripping and waxing floors is happening, your guy will be allowed to visit with you but he will pay a price.

If your man not being able to get off for some special day is a problem for you, oh well, deal with it.

We work shifts and we can give you your very own personal copy of a shift calendar to help you keep track, just ask.

The downside of trading is when it is time for payback your guy needs to go to work for his friend on a day he would normally have off.

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