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Any radiation from the initial incident would be far too weak to do this kind of damage – which is why the NOAA isn’t looking at it as a cause of the sea lion epidemic in California and Oregon.

MOX is not “dirty fuel.” It’s uranium oxide with a small amount of plutonium in it.

This is the kind of pseudoscience that demands a skeptical examination. One thing to note is that there are several versions of the piece floating around.

Stamper substantially rewrote the later sections after commenters accused him of plagiarizing a site called “Nuclear Crimes.” For consistency’s sake, I’m going to address the version currently on Stamper’s site. A hyperbolic scare title designed to induce hysteria in readers is not responsible science. And while the piece might label itself as “opinion,” opinion presented as fact often takes on the appearance of fact. TEPCO is short for Tokyo Electric Power Company, the operators of the Fukushima-Daiichi power plant.

It’s clear that a lot of people have read it (Stamper claims it’s gotten half a million views) and become extremely frightened. Is there anything to Stamper’s claims of animals being burned, fish becoming inedible and thyroid cancer skyrocketing? Certainly, the leak of radioactive water into the Pacific is dangerous and needs to be fixed.

The situation at Fukushima started bad and hasn’t gotten much better.

And while Boning and his colleagues did find what Stamper alleges, Stamper leaves out the part of the study that contextualizes the findings: “While this may sound alarming, these [becquerel] levels are still lower than those permitted for drinking water.” The radioactivity level of US coastal waters will increase – from miniscule to slightly less miniscule. So yes, the “corporate-owned evening news” is not telling you any of this.

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