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Diversion decisions and activities usually occur at the earliest stages of involvement in the juvenile justice system; however, diversion initiatives can be put in place at later stages of justice processing with the primary goal of reducing costly out-of-home placements.

While it is recognized that some youth commit serious offenses and may need to be confined within a secure setting, research has shown that many youth in the juvenile justice system are there for relatively minor offenses, have significant mental health issues, and end up in out-of-home placement or on probation by default.Use evaluation findings to plan program improvements.Evaluation data should be compared with your program goals and objectives to make program improvements.Some diversion programs are established to provide specialized programs to better meet the needs of youth with mental health and/or substance abuse concerns.Typical services provided for youth and families in diversion programs include one or more of the following: According to the National Center on Mental Health and Juvenile Justice, services delivered through diversion programs typically occur in the community either on school campuses, on community sites, or in the youth’s home.Academics- Many youth are able to earn high school credit while they attend an accredited treatment program.

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