Dating dress first meeting


Do reach for the classic LBD that never fails to impress?Or, do you simply try to re-invent your style altogether?Follow these eight simple rules and, soon, your date will be running as smoothly as your freshly ironed shirt ). Chill out, don’t stress If time keeping was never your forte, now’s the time to start.Always make sure you give yourself enough time to get ready.

True, dressing yourself every other day of the year is no mighty feat but, on this particular day, all logic evades you in a flurry of nerves and self-doubt.

Sometimes they wear flats on the first date because they’re worried about being taller than their date, but it’s really just about how awesome you feel.

It’s not like your date is going to grow if you keep dating them, so just wear your heels!

This doesn’t have to be anything bold or garish but subtle hints as to your overall style might just help to get the conversation flowing.

If all else fails, though, Dutch courage goes a heck of a long way. Less is more Just like most of the finer things in life, less is more when it comes to fashion.

It’s not about the actual piece of clothing, but about how confident you feel and how you carry yourself in something that you feel special in and proud of.

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