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There may be several trips to and from SCC that day. back to the top FTM and Trans Men's Organizations Note: There are numerous excellent local and state FTM and trans organizations which I have not listed below due to my own time limitations in compiling this information.

However, I have tried to list organizations which themselves link to a variety of additional sites.

FTM Community on Livejournal There are numerous FTM communities on Livejournal, but this one is one of the largest and most active.

FTM Brotherhood on Yahoo Groups This is a group for people over the age of 18 who think they might be FTM transgender, have recently come out as FTM transgender, or have been transitioning for a while.

Their materials are downloadable in PDF, and cover numerous topics of concern to trans people and their care providers. Trans Health Online Magazine online magazine of health and fitness for transgender people.

Hosted by and at the Feminist Health Center (FHC), this half-day fair is devoted to providing information and resources applicable to transmen and will include: complimentary/low cost health care services and presentations by community activists, health care providers, and mental health professionals. Travel: SCC offers complimentary shuttle service to the Robert Eads Health Fair.

(Programming, speakers, and activities are updated on an ongoing basis. Any interested conference attendees should meet in the hotel lobby at am as the shuttle leaves at am, Sharp.

The web site contains the booklet "PRIMED: The Back Pocket Guide For Transmen and the Men Who Dig Us," a sexual health resource written by and for gay, bi and queer transmen, as well as additional safer sex resources and links. Transitioning is always easier when you have a friend!

For those just beginning transition, find local transmen in your area for support, encouragement and friendship in your transition journey.

FTM Australia Australian resource network providing up-to-date information to males affected by transsexualism, transgender female-to-male (FTM) people and trans men; their partners, family and supporters.

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