Rastafari interracial dating sara jean underwood dating history

The majority of the black people in the US are not mulattoes.So I know where you were going with me not having a Congolese mate, but I didnt choose an interracial relationship.It would be idiotic for me to say every black couple in the race, are good, in fact MANY brothers and sisters around me, and in the world, are ignorant of their health and well being. Yet, if a black person (a Rasta believer) respects black people and their culture, why will he/she make the choice to fall in love with somebody of another race?

You said: What alliance are you referring to there?

In general, all people (even within a race) are more or less like that; and so nothings strange!

This is true..life partner is BLACK AMERICAN, he is not WHITE, and he is not MULATTO.

African Americans are generally made up of the same racial background as Bantu/black continentals.

My mate complexion is so BLACK I doubt he may come from any mixing of Europeans or Indians or Native Americans.

Is every pure black guy having a pure black partner an alliance, or is every pure black couple automatically a heaven-on-earth alliance?

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