Pitfalls of dating married women

For better or worse, some women seem to always be attracted to married men.If you're this type of woman, it may be somewhat frustrating or confusing for you.

You have these thoughts of getting intimate at some point during the date.It is all because some people have such high expectations for an ideal partner that it just does not exist in the real world. In doing so, the date will likely become a forgetful experience for both.Overanalyzing Your Date Another common dating pitfall is trying to make too much sense of everything during and after the date. Try to avoid interpreting and analyzing what your date says or does.You need to set some boundaries when it comes to intimacy and focus more on getting to know more about your date.Unrealistic Expectations When some people go on a date, they bring with them a mental list of what their ideal partner is and try to compare that with the person they are meeting.On the emotional side of things, dating a married guy can feel "safe" because you don't have to worry about having a committed relationship.

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