Automatic firmware updating

We are very careful when publishing firmware updates to the adapter.

In spite of all our testing procedures in ensuring a quality firmware, we usually take several days to slowly roll out the update to ensure there are no new issues being caused to our users. The information we download to your phone and load to the adapter is very, very small - minuscule compared to other things that you use your data plan for.

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To check for updates follow these two guides for updating firmware (Airtame Device) and software for your computer.--- BSI JC BSI04EV K05-00 need flash --- multiscan 3.9 --- VW UP 1.0, Bosch ME17.5.20 & 24 --- Renault LCV Diag 3.3.0 --- Carly for VAG 9.80 PRO --- Repair Manual Comet 650 S-R 2005 --- Lexia 3 Working only one time after update...--- Copy or move all files (NOT folders) inside "C:\AWRoot\bin\Launcher" to a safe location before performing the following: 1- Download "" from the link provided 2- Create a back-up of all (only) files inside "C:\AWRoot\bin\Launcher" 3- Extract all files into "C:\AWRoot\bin\Launcher" replacing/overwriting existing files, ready with Firmware APPLI. 4- Rename your preferred Firmware inside Launcher folder to APPLI.1st generation adapter: The car needs to be running initially to start the update but it will continue to update on the adapter when you turn the car off as long as your phone is still in Bluetooth range. The whole process usually takes about 20-30 minutes of cumulative driving or about 15-20 minutes with the car off and the phone within Bluetooth range.However, once you update to v0.9.7, subsequent over-the-air firmware updates will only take a fraction of the time (5-10 minutes while driving) and should be much less disruptive to reliability.Hello, I want to be able to read up on any issues with new Firmware releases before applying them to my QC30.

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