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(Also your english was great, don’t worry, pal.) -Mod Naegi🍳-Junko tells everyone they’re dating after she asks them out.

She is so happy they said yes and she wants everyone to know.-Their s/o letting her put some make up on them.

And yes, I usually take a side later after some more things happen that make me believe that really mighty be that! If you think other around so you might have a problem! We still live in the world were there is freedom to express what you think and feel! This is your twos things and I’m betting you two are on your 20’s so there’s NO REASON for you two to be acting like this!

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Snap: tinderbunnies Just three girls sharing their stories about how they use tinder (and bumble!!

Anon Wings anon Skywalker anon BFFL anon Little twin anon Starfire anon Honeymoon anon Challenger anon Magic carpet anon Strong anon Timid anon Feels anon Vmon anon Yoonjin anon Sloth anon Sexy anon Sweet pea anon(A special series featuring pocket-sized bangtan trying to win a date with pocket-sized YOU through silly pocket-sized antics and hopefully it’s adorable just treat yourself ok lol. Taehyung finally sets you down in front of a large cereal bowl, and you look at him in confusion until he smiles and dives right in.

For little harem anon.)Disclaimer: For the sake of convenience, I will be using she/her and the pseudonym 아미 (aka ARMY, what bangtan actually calls fans) to refer to pocket-ARMY. You peek into the bowl to see that it’s filled with various silk and cotton handkerchiefs into which Taehyung is now cuddled.

You wait for him to continue, but he remains silent so you ask, “What could you possibly find more beautiful than this?

” And when you manage to rip your eyes away from the beauty of the rising sun, you find that Taehyung is not even watching the sun rising above the horizon.

- but it's only thing suitable for anons who claim Tom is in Berlin every time for example sooooo that's what they deserve cuz they're really sick in their heads Answer:. D list literally means that you go to the small ones as you're not that well known..

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