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But friends of Longoria tell FOX411the busy couple had trouble finding time to be together, flip-flopped on whether to have children, and dealt with jealousy issues. She committed to him fast and loved their powerful life together.When they married it really was her dream wedding come true," said one pal, who attended their Paris, France nuptials in 2007.She became more patient about family time." The friend said rumors that Parker was unfaithful were natural, given the many temptations afforded NBA players.

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Actor Mario Lopez was a kind of surrogate husband to Longoria when Parker was away, according to the pal.Eva would run from the set of 'Housewives,' get on a plane , and be cheering in the stands week in and week out of the NBA season." The friend said Parker "made small efforts as well to surprise her on-set and at home in Los Angeles, but Eva always worked harder to meet up with him.Her schedule made it easier and she was just more committed to finding time together than Tony was." Starting a family also became less important for the couple, according to a second Longoria insider.The high-profile duo have battled rumors of infidelity since the beginning of their marriage.In 2007, a French woman claimed she met the NBA star at his wedding to Longoria and said she began carrying on an affair with him just two months later.Longoria asked the court to require each side pay its own attorneys' fees, and rule that she should not have to pay spousal support to Parker.

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