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Check out our interview with author Ann Levine, and CLICK HERE to pick up a copy of her best-selling book.

View The Law School Admission Game on Amazon What Is Considered A Low GPA? If you are seeking admission to a T14 school (the fourteen schools that have historically placed in the top fourteen in the influential USNWR rankings) anything below a 3.5 is generally going to place you below the 25th percentile for that school, meaning that about 75% percent of the students attending that school will have a better GPA than you.

The following books are generally regarded as the two best resources out there to help with your law school application: The Law School Admissions Game – By Ann Levine The Ivey Guide To Law School Admissions – By Anna Ivey These two books are required reading for anyone applying to law school, but I particularly recommend , as Ann Levine recently published a second edition of the book.

The additional info takes account of recent trends in law school admission that might affect your strategy.

For most schools, your chances of admission are close to 90% if you are over the median numbers for both LSAT and GPA.

Check out the student profile page for schools you are interested in to see what median, 25th, and 75th percentile numbers incoming students have at a school.

last week that there is no organization keeping good data on sexual violence perpetrated by police.Again, the exception is the very top schools such as Yale and Stanford, where any given applicants chances of success are not very high because competition is so strong.Look at the What Is A Good LSAT For The Top Law Schools? Because a school would obviously prefer to get someone with a high GPA as well, you are a bit of a wildcard, but that’s fine! If they do decide they need you, you are actually in a pretty good position to draw scholarship money.If they really like you, you may get in despite being below the normal range for the school, which brings us to our next point…The Importance Of Being Perfect- Making Your Application Air Tight Though it’s not recommended, students with great numbers can often get away with being lazy on their applications.This is never true when you have a GPA below the range of your target school.I wish someone would tell students when they first get to college how important it is to get a a good GPA if they are considering law school as a future option. This post is for the people with lower GPAs who are determined to get into a good law school.

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