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Therefore whilst the aim of the 1999 Act was to protect rape victims from unwarranted intrusions into their private lives, the ‘gateways’ method provided by the 1999 Act was ‘legislative overkill’ due to the ‘excessive breadth of s41’ wherein the ‘threshold requirement [is] too high’[8].Confusingly, given the conclusion reached relating to the breach of the defendant’s Art.The Feminist Judgments Project interpretation reaches a contrasting judgment through feminist critique; I would submit it illustrates how a different perspective in legal interpretation results in a startling difference in decision-making.In order to understand the delivered judgments, a brief summary of the case facts will be provided.

When attempting to help the defendant, the complainant stated she was pulled down and raped.This is fascinating and enjoyable to be fair, and the most interesting note to date is how easily it is to see how a certain perspective influences decision-making.My study of Jurisprudence in particular this semester has resulted in my realisation of the influence certain theories have on the judiciary.This marks the first time I post an academic piece on my blog, which is rather exciting.Full disclosure: this post is based on a piece of coursework I submitted in November 2015. is deemed controversial due to the House of Lords’ judgment.As some of you may be aware, I am currently inundated with coursework.

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