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I joined up as a host to one of the sites that specialised in shemales and ive never looked back.

I can pick my own hours,work when I want and take breaks when I want.

Yes,im boring but and a bit of a geek but hey,your lifes your own right?

Ohmer placed his order on hold to allow proponents of the St.

And best of all,no workmates sniggering behind my back when I walk past. I love my job on live cam and ill prob till be doing it when im in my 70s.

The money is fantastic,the guys all respectful and pleasent and I work through the night and have days to myself. My other hobbies include the aforementioned ping pong,walking my dog,playing computer games and watching tv.

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My name is Honey and im a 29yr old transexual from St Louis, Missouri. I used to work in an auto repair shop but when I had the operation I was subject to abuse,insults and taunts and eventually had to leave.

Im a kinda fun lovin gal who enjoys the fun side of life. We meet every tuesday and thursday and play for about an hour and a half. This left me scarred mentally and I was afraid to leave my house.

I like hanging out with my friends,taking my 6yr old Lab Tigger out on big long walks. My savings dwindled fast and I didnt know what to do. Through one of the online forums I am a member of I was reffered to is an information blog about something called adult webcam. It explained how you can work from home and guys enter your cam room on the site and you get paid to chat with them.

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