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You can’t complain to anyone because no one going to listen to you! But food is good.✅ Verified Review | Beijing to Frankfurt via Tashkent.

Check in at T2 in Beijing was easy and staff where giving priority to business classs passsengers.

When charging was completed, I pulled out my charger, but, along with it, the plastic front of the socket too came off.

One of the stewardesses straightaway told me that I damaged it because it cannot come off on its own, and that I was not careful. This apart, it is unusual that business class passengers would be told something like this.

Plenty of upgrades as a result as economy overbooked. The 767 before was much better and even so not a full flat seat it was alright to sleep. If you want a full business class experience I would avoid them. We found the aircraft to be like many others, with the odd fault - my wife's inflight entertainment selector wasn't working on the return journey but she sleeps so it wasn't a problem.

My wife and I flew Business Class out and return because of poor reviews. We had very attentive and pleasant staff with a choice of meals and drinks. The seats were very comfortable and reclined not too far from flat.

Our fellow travellers in Economy were pleased with their journeys except that they had no choice of food.

On the outward and return journeys there were not many Economy passengers.

Don't believe everything that you read about Uzbekistan transport or hotels.Flight attendants were not over the top but decent and friendly.Food was not my taste but I guess this is a matter of what you prefer. Transfer in TAS easy if they do or tell you to wait for no good reason.On the return journey the Lounge at Tashkent had limited snacks available and alcoholic drinks had to be purchased. TIp - the Duty Free shop on landing is much cheaper than the Duty Free in Departures.We have absolutely no complaints about Uzbekistan Airways.Trying to get assistance any from either Air Baltic or Uzbekistan Air both tell you to call the other and claim they cannot help.

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