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Momo Love, starring Cyndi Wang and Jiro Wang, is adapted from the Japanese manga, Momoka Typhoon.Although Momo Love contains a strong cast, which includes Ken Chu of F4, Ding Chun Cheng, Godfrey Gao, Lan Jun Tian, and Jing Wong, the ratings have not been up to expectations.[url="Of course it's impossible to pay such a big amount in such a short time, but Jiro Wang, the honestly handsome heir of Wang company, helped them to pay. [b]Momo Love’s ratings at rock bottom; Cyndi and Jiro’s relationship turn sour? act=image&pid=824895"][img] jiro.jpg[/img][/url]Source: [url=" Access[/url]translation by [b]fewfew[/b] @ [url=" & [url=" has been a month since the debut of Momo Love, which is a drama produced by GTV, aired on CTV, and the drama is now last place in ratings, competing against the other idol dramas: Autumn’s Concerto and Hi, My Sweetheart.

The 4 brothers are stars and should have better directions to bring that out. It's true that his face does look big onscreen due to his hair style. He clearly can't bring in the ratings.”[/i]Why do people have to say all this?I think it's more that the storyline is unattractive to the audience rather than the actors.At first I wanted to see this drama because Ken, Jiro and Cyndi were in it, but then the plot wasn't very interesting..especialy compared to AC's story.act=image&pid=824896"][img] is still trying to identify the reason to such low results.Netizens of the popular PTT forum, on the other hand, harshly criticize that the drama lacks content and an interesting plot.Zhang further expressed confidence in Cyndi by stating that her acting and popularity have long been proven in “La robe de Mariee des cieux” and “Smiling Pasta.” However, Cyndi was in tears in front of the media recently due to the pressure that is put on her.

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