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I don't know what they think periods are, but the one time I've done this, they thought they had been used.If you're lucky, it will rain right after you do it (so everything expands) and he'll return with his new gal pal and be so freaked out that he makes her clear off the car." "Found out my ex (lived in a different city) couldn't keep it in his pants.The publication alleges the pair were set up by a “mutual friend,” and had their “first date” at Sunset Tower in Los Angeles in early May.

Unsurprisingly, the magazine also incorporates Ben Affleck into its article, with the “insider” alleging he “freaked out at first” when Garner supposedly told him about dating Pine.

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I also broke into his dorm room and poured a bucket of wood chips in his bed. Fuck him." "I found out he was cheating on his girlfriend with me.

She was an acquaintance of mine (friend of a friend of a friend), so I emailed her about it.

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