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Endowed by Niture with more than ordlnaiy gifts, the present Etnperoi' had had siifcia Ki opportttnttles of fiftlag blmi^ self fbr the afthio^s p6s Iti6R hft was called upon to lilt, opportniif^ Hi^s of which he has ii Vailed hfflise H to the utterjo Dst iiis extended Europeftn- tout in 1991 brought hltn In to under the tutorship 'Of • Madam -T^wchitori, a teacher in . per day Taihoku 88 135 228 133 2,072 287 Kiimamoto 65 163 273 113 1,789 187 Kure 59 150 199 111 1.457 163 'Osaka 49 142 146 132 1.370 175 Nagoya 58 167 190 164 1,721 240 ■ Tokyo 56 131 140 191 1,561 194 Matsumoto 46 89 132 124 1,162 156 Fukushima 62 85 160 166 2,028 165 Kanazawa 277 166 205 201 2.648 156 Hakodate 63 69 131 121 1,167 147 Niigata 192 107 160 165 1,811 133 Sapporo 82 55 88 106 1,012 124 Fusan 53 162 276 72 1,419 . By force of arms and by crafty schemes all the ambitious barons were bent on anneiolng the domains of weaker neighbors.

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In addition to his an)ciety over the health of hrs father, he had to repait to the Imperial Palace every day except on Sundays to listen to the report's submitted by the Ministers of State and othrer high ofiicials, to. wer« to- have , been £«Urbrated)at an earlier date having been: p6st]K)iii^ for tome time-oa' account df rfhe great einrtfa quake disaster that occurred on September i, 1923, and destroyed the greater part of Tokyo and all Yokohama. (Chelonia virldi^); Japanese gecko (Gecko japonlcus); Ryukyu thveo-par Uit-tai L snako (ITBhneresuni B- rinkinaiui B). 3n'ic drama called No, and other arts were originated in this country. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Alert of mind and body the Prince is fond- of sports and holds very g'ood records in mountafnee Hfng, ski^inf, rowing and track^ath Fefics. The :bay of Kagoshima also may be mentioned, for it contains the volcanic island of Sakurajima on whiatrait rather sha Ho^ in depth. Th© former are known by the name of Continental cyolonfiff, and 'boloner* to (die same category as the Curaptean rototpi^r sti^vns. Sec Qrclone .^UOl 414 067 ilfl B i» W m 27 G08TWIM rjpboon 90 17 18 14 33 34 M .09 109 96 Sk 4S Air Temperature. S —6.2 -a S '•.9 6.6 10.9 l A.t 12.9 fi.8 0.5 —8.1 2.0 Bonin ..... But the foi^lffh missions Would no longer accept delay, so thatt the senior coun- sellor of the shogunate Of the day, li-Kamon-no-Kam I, signed tentative treaties in 1868f, And for the resolute step "he took he was assassinated by . The bigoted and dangerous cause was considered sacred by the gen»- erai public, and even some powerful daimyos, as Choshu and Satsuma. It was originally esablished in 1878 with a view" to prepare the people for a constitutional system of Government, which was then expected to be estab- lished in the near future. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Indeed, no povtvayal ol the Frince i^ complete without some tribute to his sportsmanship. This dtralt Is further divided i Ato three, i.e., Iki,'l5a8t Tsushima and "West Tsushima channels, by the two islttnds of Iki and Tsushima ^w Mch lie in it. A tsyt Stoas 4s caused hy the intruding polar Iront «»f ffeaera A c Iroul Btkm im the rhigher latitude. — In winter the cold is intense' in Japan iproper for its latitude, owing to the cold air currents brought over from the Asiatic Continent by the winter monsoon, while being much milder than in the distriots of the same latitude in Manchuria, Siberia, etc. I9.4 14.9 t M fi O.8 16j8 'M 9.6 -'l.i 7.3 Hakodate ...... 10.6 19^ J7.6 ISJ) 6.0 Mk O -'4i4 l U N^maro ........ 14.4 14.3 15.4 17.8 SO.l SS.7 2^.1 2M 180.9 T\ikt Mlui Ifl.7 14.7 15.7 14.0 11.9 li.4 14.1 11.2 14.4 1L4 12.0 16:0 167.6 K»f|4xhtiim ...13.9 13.1 16.1 14.^ 14.3 Ut.7 16.6 14.0 14.8 11 JE 10.1. who had a spite against the Tokugawa from one cause OP another, tried to carry out the joi order to the letter, and at slight provocation or none at all killed or injured foreigners OP flred upon foreign warships. Ho Wevei the original law by which a prefectural aissembly was tlrst established, has been subjected to revision many, times, and the last revision was made in 1926, when the tax quali^cation for voters and assembly members was abolished though under former system they were required . From that time on the Prince had to shoulder very weighty responsibilities in hisf irew capacity and practically functioned as a ruler thougli nominally 'only a regent. eut;- Cofoncl of the Army and 'Cbmnkahder" of -the Navy, and on Jatt Uary^ z6, the following year,' the Priiice married Ms- bride- elect Princess Nagako; the nuptials which. j APAaeaebn Ui-l^ra K (Bute japanioua^ r Japai Mtoe t»ae-froer (ff MKJqyna to a ) ; Jaawnaae t Ntg i Bsaim japanlc&; giant Baiajnaradev ^Masafobatan Mhiui nnudii Kis); Malkane satemfin^r ^Oxismbodftotanliii B japonlcaii Oi. Thus it was in the time of the 8th 8hogun Voshfmasa (1436-90) that the art of tea ceremonial, the ! In November 1921 the Prlnc6 was appointed Prince Regent to undertake the conduct cf State affairs in place of his Emperor-father, who was suffering from cronic disease arfd In- capacitated from attiending to public duties. Japanese perch -sea- wolt (Percajjatorant Japonicus) ; ^ Pelor Japonicus; Iilonocentris Ja Donioua; Aoipenoer ^ , m Ucadol; Petr Qmy8Un Q^ii Uat Ula; Japaofise. (Thypnus sibl); Samma (Scombresox saira)^ Japanese eel (Augilla^ Jadponlca),; Japanese 9hai;ka (Carchaida^ Jaip^riiciis; PKistlophorus Japonicus). As regards matters of taste and refinement, however, this period made a very valuable contribution to the history of clvfliration in Japan. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Tire mourning i Qr the d«^ise of the late £iaperor Taishp ^ver, ? On September 2^ tl|i^ ye^r the Prince married Miss Setsuko Matsu- ^aira, daughter of Mr. r basins, adding much to the scenic beauty of the BOOK The. d the Bay of Mataushima embraced by.t^e Ojika Peninsula, but *fpr about d46 miles .north, of Sendai It is rich in smaller indentations and forms a Ria coast. these researches brought home to , their mimt the abnormal state Into whicji the executive ppwer of the coun- try had fallen and especially to the encroachment of the military classes on the sovereicrnty of the Court. The chief administrator of a "fu" or "ken" is called "ch Ul" or prefectural ' governor.

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