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- Fatal Disease has joined Special: Chat Shitting all over things with flagrant disregard is easy. - Pramirez351 has joined Special: Chat At the end he finds the fountain of youth, becomes a child, and gets eaten -!

- Pramirez351 has joined Special: Chat We never did learn why the Queen wasn't ugly -!

- Casual Arsonist has joined Special: Chat Bad writing tactic: Starting with a coool idea and trying to hammer away at the story until you manage some sort of stopping point and/or cop out with a AND THEN HE DIEDED -!

- Temmington has joined Special: Chat I though of someone who was kidnapped by a mob, cut until at the brink of death, but rather than moving to the afterlife, He stayed in his regular body, which could age infinitely.

Roaches are part of the food chain, a lot of animals eat them.

- Princess Platinum has joined Special: Chat 0.5 GB -!

Hey were is ethan well he is hiding now and I came to get a drink and now I got to go back outside ok see ya. Bart then put the gun in his mouth and fired, blowing his brains out upward.

Bart shot Homer in the stomach, Marge in the throat, and his sisters each in the head, which is why their hair is out like points from a blast.

- Jeff The Killer 666 has joined Special: Chat Well boop -!

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