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They hide behind the profiles saying that they have no control over what their members post or who or where they come from.

All of the photos are of European girls, based on the type of furnishings, the continental power outlets, the foreign text magazines and posters, left hand drive cars where the photos have been reversed to pretend they are in the UK.

Chatted for about two months we will meet soon never any indicationas to when soon will be.

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE The site is a total fraud, they never respond to ay complaints or emails.

Actually, if you look at statistics, networks like Mobile dating have become one of the most popular ways to meet new people, with the other being those who are set up by friends.

However, it is thought that services such as Mobile dating are soon to be the main route for happiness and romance.

It's that easy and comes with the excellent chance that you can find happiness.

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Never able to send or receive any contact information or details from others.

All of the messages are fake just to entice guys to purchase more credits and waste more money in the hope of a date.

The same photos and messages used over and over again for different profiles.

If users are happy enough to make an initial contact with a guy or girl they believe is that special someone, then they can use our Mobile dating services to chat and flirt with the potential apple of their eye and even arrange a first meeting with that person, if they are confident that it is the right choice.

Alternatively, if after speaking to them you think that the spark is not there then that is OK, as you will be able to look at hundreds of profiles on Mobile dating sites and be sure that the one you choose is a heartstopper that keeps you intrigued and who's company you really want to be in on a date or, better still, in a relationship.

The girls always live around the corner and want to send you their information and contact details but they don't even know where you live or in what part of the country.

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