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Blake Rayne, (BR): Well its really quite interesting.I have a band and we were rehearsing in a rehearsal studio in Nashville.I am looking forward to being more involved in film projects down the line but I'll always be involved in music.I enjoy playing music, performing music writing music and I just hope I'll be able to call myself an actor as well. MF: One of the things I noticed on your Facebook page is I couldn't help but notice you have been involved in some race car circuit lately, ARCA races and all. BR: A lot of it has been a part of the promotion of the movie.What was your work like with the two of them in the past? He was the producer and director and he was great, really really great.EC: Oh the work was fantastic although I really only met Janette once and that was at an awards show where she was lovely and so so kind. Especially so because when I came into work with him on the Love Comes Softly series I had just finished the Little House on the Prairie mini-series.Erin Cottrell, (EC): Yeah I have, he is a great guy.MF: Janet Oke was also one that years ago encouraged me in some of my own writings.

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He was a great guy to work for and super encouraging and was interested in doing all of the Love Comes Softly shows.

I have been a race fan all of my life, through the Richard Petty Driving Experience and more.

So its really been exciting to be involved with the guys involved in Motor Sports. To go to the races, helping promote the movie, singing the National Anthem and so forth.

That's the kind of situation where you don't have to pay me to be involved in any of that, it is for sure just a lot of fun.

I have really enjoyed it, all of the guys, the drivers and everyone else has just been fabulous.

As coincidence would have it, the Executive Producer Yochanan Marcellino was visiting and walked in as he was looking for a place to work on some of the music for the film. To make a long story short, he called me into a couple of meetings and he sat me down one day and said, "I've got a film and I'm interested in casting you in the lead role but I don't know if you can act but we're going to find out." So I did a couple of screen tests and what not and that was a great experience for me across the board.

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