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That's because actual real usable space may vary by manufacturer and in some cases even with the same manufacturer. if you don't want to create a sd image you can just back up your bios, roms, and configuration files from the samba shares You can use Rpi-clone, a shell script that runs directly on your Raspberry Pi. Since I was using a dual monitor, the laptop monitor and an LCD monitor connected to the hdmi port. It this case I get a single pixel blue line on the right and bottom of the screen.You can create an sd image of your current sd card with win32diskimager (if you're on windows) Note: images created this way can only be written to a micro SD card of the EXACT same size or bigger.As an example you may not be able to write an image of a 64GB micro SD onto another 64GB card. I don’t know if it’s an issue on machines with multiple physical or logical drives (E, F, G, etc.).It has not been a major issue for me because I have found that installing with the local admin profile which doesn’t map drives works.- Retro Pie Menu: Menu in emulationstation for simpler configuration of your system.- Runcommand: The runcommand launch menu that assists launching your games with proper configurations see related wiki page HERE.

When selecting a package there is also a help guide with extra information specific to that package: Package Help: The Package Help for each emulator should show you: - The name of the package - ROM extensions - ROM folder - BIOS filename and folder if applicable If you are worried about conflicts during an update you can always just start with the latest fresh sd image which can be downloaded here and just copy all your files back over onto that instead of updating from an older image.The core components needed for Retro Pie to function are: - Retro Arch: Frontend for the libretro api, necessary for most emulators to run.- Emulation Station: Frontend for sorting and launching all of your games.It can be exceptionally difficult to identify which drivers need an update and then find the right drivers online.Plus there's always the risk of installing an incompatible driver that would make your computer unbootable.If you get a computer with no drivers installed, you won't be able to do anything: the mouse won't work, the screen will look messed up, you won't be able to connect anything via USB… Even though you could download drivers from hardware manufacturers' websites, it's not at all easy.

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