Rodney dangerfield dating


A: Assassination B: Impeachment C: Resignation D: Death from illness Megan Carolin (children’s clothing store mgr.

in San Diego) 0: Also known as a western omelet, a Denver omelet traditionally contains ALL BUT which of these ingredients?

I've been met with surprise from younger friends, one of whom told me, "I thought those places closed in the '50s or '60s." Actually, the last resort closed just four years ago and several were still bustling through the early 1990s (I briefly worked at the Concord in 1991).

A: Zombie movie B: Romantic comedy C: Thriller D: Disaster movie K: Perhaps longing for another mode of transportation, Willie Nelson wrote what famous hit on an airplane barf bag?

A: “Midnight Train to Georgia” B: “Yellow Submarine” C: “On the Road Again” D: “Magic Carpet Ride” Hubby Mike 0: Though still in the funding stage, the Roll Scout is a potentially revolutionary new bathroom fixture that sends your smartphone alerts when you’re low on what?

A: Denmark B: Greece C: Ireland D: Brazil K: Meaning “speed play”, what Swedish workout combines jogging & sprinting intervals w/ the added cardio benefit of a name you CAN’T help giggling at? Taft from his bathtub B: Gave Abraham Lincoln his theater tickets C: Gave birth to Barack Obama D: Made George Washington’s wooden teeth K: A stickler for details, Steve Jobs once called a Google exec to complain that what letter in Google’s logo DIDN’T “have the right yellow gradient”?

A: Boobs B: Binannasplatt C: Skvirlpantz D: Fartlek K: Formula 409 got its name from which of the following facts about the number “409”? A: The first o B: The second o C: The second g D: The l The second o) Kirk Vichengrad (professor in L. ” K: Though still worth over B who of the following lost the vast majority of his wealth due to a DISASTROUS merger announced in Jan. A: Larry Ellison B: Bill Gates C: Ted Turner D: Jeff Bezos K: Acc.

Greg Peterson (CHI- a soccer fan who won ,600 as the R-U in the ’07 “JEOPARDY!

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