Leeteuk and taeyeon dating

Having a big heart, Leeteuk always worrying about his dongsaengs especially Taeyeon.As a leader, he knew that it's not easy to take care of others and in the same time to take care of our own self. " The words that was being spoken off from the lady herself halting the man in front of her from walking away.But oh my, did Baekhyun and Chanyeol appear on the same show together??? if an idol came out as gay there would be a scandal…. y'all just really expect them to die alone if they don’t get together with the person you want them to??? and you came to this conclusion because they act a certain way on camera…Ughhhhhh then why doesn’t SM get their other artists to date women?What's funny is that I used to ship Taeyeon and Junsu, they actually dated.Used to ship Taeyeon with Leeteuk, they actually dated. Lol Her pool of available men is rather small especially in the earlier years so its no big surprise if she dated another idol.The once bullied, girls, came back to take revenge. Fortunately, they were group of people & kids survived and running into the woods to save themselves.It’s in between the pages of my journal where my most precious moments with you live. What will happen if the genius in school, meets the school's number one dork and live together?

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A guy who loves a The Akanishi family looks like your typical family, with a dad, a mom and 5 kids that is, until you realize their secret…Every family has a past, a history that makes them who they are.Some have ancient lineages while some boast of having ROYAL connections.I ship Taeyeon with Baekhyun way before, they actually dated! If your life consists of work for 22 hours and sleep for 2 hours, you're not going to socialise and get to know more people.Then minus off those who are your fans (dating a fan will never work because the real person is not the ideal mental construct fans have), those who know you are a celebrity (may be out to run an expose off you) and those who you work closely with (managers, etc), the numbers left are low.Seo Hyeon-ju (Jung Jessica) and Seo Hyeon-ji (Kim Taeyeon) are fraternal twins who are so different from each other.

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