Disqus recent comments not updating


Issue 2) disqus_node_update needs to get latest version of URL when performing update.

I think we need to get the latest version of the url, which means retrieving the node from drupal cache.

When you visit a blog that has Disqus installed, you have to login to comment.

You can login with a Disqus account, or using Facebook, Twitter or Google and the owner of the site has the option to allow Guests to comment also… If you login using the Social networks, Disqus can display your profile picture.

As a webmaster you want your commenters to use Disqus so that the comments appear real and genuine to other readers.

Before this I was using but Disqus is a broader option.

This causes problems because disqus_node_update hook is checking to see if the url has been updated yet, but it won't be if pathauto_node_update hook occurs after disqus_node_update hook.

I hope you find this blogpost useful and of course comments are welcome…

regards @donnchadhh Donncha Hughes is a mentor, trainer and business advisor.

Within the Disqus comment menu the website owner can nominate other moderators. But for some reason you can not respond within the Disqus administration dashboard – you have to go back to your own website to respond.

There is also a system whereby you can respond directly to a comment from the email that you receive informing you of the comment – but that did not work for me as the formatting was terrible.

The big message on the Disqus website is how the service allows you to build a community. So if ‘Ash Maurya‘ who I follow on Disqus comments on his or any other website I can see that. After you register an account with Disqus you can click on the Word Press Icon to get instructions on how to install on your Word Press site…..

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